Geno62®: The oldest frequency composition by PHYbio

A multitude of functions of our body are controlled by frequencies. In the course of our lives, these natural frequencies can shift, i.e. there can be impairments in the bodily functions, which are often described or described as diseases. If the body regains the memory of these original frequencies, it is often in a position to activate its own repair and self-healing programs and to eliminate the aforementioned limitations independently.

At this point we would like to give an example of the planting grid on which the plants can align themselves and whose structure they can incorporate into their own growth. The body behaves similarly. It recovers the memory of its original frequencies and is capable of making independent readjustments.

In 2006, the frequency composition Geno62® with the former name GenoLight/Geno62 was created and, contrary to the approach of the well-known pioneers of frequency therapy, PHYbio used the parallel frequency approach and incorporated it into the composition. This means that not only a frequency is played back at a certain time, but that a large number of specific frequencies are played back simultaneously and with different amplitudes (volume).

This information can be transmitted or supplied to the body using various techniques. Audio playback via headphones, small speakers or the Geno62® SONO’s signal generators is popular and very effective.

The headphones do not need to be in your ears for audio playback. The body does not hear through the ears! Priority is given to using headphones on the right and left side of the neck and the ultrasound signal heads at various points of the body.

Repetitions in our frequency compositions

In Geno62, as in most other PHYbio frequency compositions, there are no repetitions. We recommend that you continue where you left off for the next application.
Geno62® and the ultrasonic output

When we first gained access to an ultrasound reproducer in 2009, it was obvious to test the additional ultrasound reproduction via the so-called signal generators. It was interesting to observe that in connection with ultrasound an accelerated effect of the Geno62 composition was usually accompanied and processing by the body could take place more quickly.

Ultrasound as a supplement to audio reproduction


Geno62 and many other PHYbio compositions were composed in stereo. This means that different signals and information are played via the left and right channels. During playback via the ultrasonic signal generators, a mono signal is generated from these two signals and modulated onto the ultrasound. This makes it impossible to transfer the advantages of stereo composition to the body with the exclusive use of ultrasound.
PHYbio primarily uses headphones or active speakers, ultrasound is an addition.

WAV files – why not MP3

For playback on the Geno62® SONO, PHYbio only uses data in the so-called WAV format in CD quality. With the well-known MP3 audio format, the data volume of a composition is reduced with a technical procedure, but with the aspect that the perceived hearing impression is as close as possible to the original and that frequencies that do not play a role in the hearing impression are partially changed or cut out. However, the body or cells do not work with an auditory impression, but with clearly defined signals and frequencies.

If you compare this with a high-definition television picture in HD quality, detailed information is lost at a lower resolution and you get a television picture at the quality level of the Stone Age of television technology.

It becomes problematic, however, if exactly this detailed information is missing to the body, but is not provided.

Only PHYbio offers Geno62 in the WAV version!

The body hears not only through the ears

Water conducts sound in an excellent way. Fortunately, our body consists of more than 60% water. All body cells are connected via the cell water. This means that frequency information can be transmitted via the cell water to the last cell. This is also the reason why, for example, the reproduction of a composition using headphones on the knee can have effects on heart rate variability (HRV, electronic variant of pulse diagnosis).

We use headphones for the reproduction of our frequencies primarily on the left and right side of the neck.
(Exception PHYbio-PEB – psycho-emotional balance)

Ultrasound application – Geno62® SONO in “Relax” or “Active” mode

Regardless of the contents of a played file, the Geno62® SONO can be set to two playback modes for ultrasonic output.

Ultrasound – “Relax”

Relaxation has a dampening effect on the body.

Relaxation offers itself when it comes to reducing inner tension and counteracting a sympathetic predominance of the vegetative nervous system. Examples of this are people running at high speed all the time or people at risk of burnout. In the evening, relaxation is ideal for everyone, as it is important to get as relaxed as possible into a restful sleep.

Ultrasound – “Active”

Active has an invigorating effect.

Persons with a lack of drive, permanent fatigue or a burn-out topic usually have a parasympathetic dominance of the vegetative nervous system. Active is the better choice for this group of people during the day.

Geno62® SONO and Pink Noise

Various recommendations suggest the use of pink noise during playback.
However, we strongly advise against this!!!!!!

Geno62 and all other frequency compositions from PHYbio were designed to offer the body precisely defined frequencies. If you now add noise during playback, e.g. pink noise, there are no more clearly defined ratios. In the worst case, even the known strengths of the compositions can be strongly reduced or covered up by the overlapping.

How do you determine whether your body reacts?

The best case, you feel and feel it
You want to know more and are looking for suitable measuring methods,
e.g. you measure the pulse (HRV), blood sugar or similar
You know your laboratory values and have the chance to compare before and after

Playback time of Geno62® and PHYbio compositions

We recommend a playback time for the first application and then a slow increase in the course of the following applications.

On the Internet there is a recommendation to play Geno62 completely over the entire length of 45 minutes. We expressly advise against this!!!

Use the “Recommended initial play time” and increase the application time in small steps.

The body absorbs the frequencies and begins its necessary work. This means that considerable efforts are to be expected, depending on the intensity of this work and the energy available. If one exaggerates it with the application, then it can come to an overload, i.e. an overload of the body.

We do not say that the body must first know all the information of Geno62 in order to be able to do its own work.

Let us take the example of a difficult book. The task is to have to read in one go. After a certain number of chapters, attention fades and you can no longer remember the contents. The body does exactly the same. Or did you start your sporting career with an ultra-marathon?

Feel your way slowly and get to know your body’s reaction. Then you can extend and adjust the times individually. Without overstraining the body beforehand, there is no reason why it should not be used the same day or the next day.

Further development of Geno62®: PHYgen compositions

Good things can also be improved. With our PHYbio waveform we have recreated the Geno62 piece under the name PHYgen (Yellow Compositions: 20 and 30). As a result, users report more pleasant and harmonious sensations and improved effectiveness.

Presets when playing PHYbio compositions

Inside the Geno62® SONO is a configuration file with the basic settings for playing the various PHYbio compositions. This uses precisely defined parameters and, for example, switches off a set pink noise during playback.

The user simply chooses whether he wants to keep the preset “Relax” mode or whether he would rather switch to the “Active” mode.