PHYbio’s Philosophy

Frequency compositions and frequency therapy

The approach that all functions in the organism are controlled by frequencies is not new. Since Royal Rife, Robert Beck, Hulda Clark, Patrick Flanagan and many others, researchers have been looking for frequencies that can help the body or psyche. By the way, this also includes musicians who want to trigger a feeling or a physical reaction, e.g. goose bumps, with their compositions.

The researchers almost followed the sequential path. A certain frequency was played over a certain period of time, then the second, then the next, and so on.

Why does a sequential approach only have a limited chance of success?

Life is parallel

Life has evolved on our earth over millions of years. There were framework conditions and a natural frequency spectrum. This frequency spectrum was relatively stable and subject to only minor changes during this period. During the last century, considerable amounts of artificial frequencies were generated by humans. These include radio, radio, television, mobile radio, WLAN, but also frequencies used, for example, in X-ray, CT or medical ultrasound examinations.

If a single frequency had serious effects on our body, we would surely have died out already.

Since this has demonstrably not yet happened, there must be certain protective mechanisms.


This can easily be illustrated using the example of the key.

An action (in this case opening the lock) can only be performed if all necessary conditions are met. All frequencies involved in a process must be present at the same time and with the correct amplitude. If this is not the case, the lock remains locked!

Sleep, tomorrow will be better!

Everybody knows that saying. But what is behind it?

In a restful sleep the body reorganizes and heals itself. During sleep the activity of brain waves changes and especially the delta, theta and alpha waves seem to be involved in this process.

The body hears not only through the ears

Water conducts sound in an excellent way. Fortunately, our body consists of more than 60% water. All body cells are connected via the cell water. This means that frequency information can be transmitted via the cell water to the last cell. This is also the reason why, for example, the reproduction of a composition using headphones on the knee can have effects on heart rate variability (HRV, electronic variant of pulse diagnosis).

The body regenerates and reorganizes itself

The only one who can carry out a regeneration and reorganization is the own body.
Only he alone has the appropriate methods and tools to achieve this.
It is possible that the recognition of a problem is sometimes the weak point for the body!
If deviations gradually manifested themselves, they may not have been detected so far.
And without detection, no reorganization can be carried out!
PHYbio frequency compositions

PHYbio cannot and does not claim to heal! Only the body can heal. The frequency compositions offer him help in analysing his own condition. As a result, the body can take the necessary measures.

There are many attempts to explain what happens in the body. These range from the dissolution of energetic blockades, reorganization of communication paths, restoration or reprogramming of disturbed interfaces, problems with the sodium-potassium pump at the cell level…
Does it really matter to the body if or which of these explanations is the right one?

If positive results are achieved after the frequency compositions have been played, this is not the merit of the PHYbio frequency compositions, but exclusively a result of the work of your body.

We have tried to translate our philosophy into audible sound compositions. For years we have dealt with the subject, made calculations, answered questions for us, but do not claim to be the only valid truth. The approach was chosen across the board, i.e. various findings were incorporated, such as the integration of the brain waves prevailing in the sleep and relaxation phases or the choice of the curve shape.

We see ourselves at the beginning of a development which hopefully will help our body to fulfil its functions for many years to come.