“The 6 favorites” on the Geno62® SONO

The 6 most popular compositions in one set

Red compositions: Entire body & vegetative nervous system

New generation frequency compositions. According to the PHYbio philosophy, with the specially developed PHYbio waveform and with the inclusion of the
Frequency ranges: α, Θ, Δ
Lossless WAV version

Entire body & vegetative nervous system

Target bearing:

  • Well-being & Well-being
  • Restoration of the energy flow / dissolution of blockages
    energy balance
  • Balance in the autonomic nervous system
  • detox support
  • Improvement of internal body communication
  • Activation / support of the body’s own self-healing programs
  • Support of regulatory systems


PHYbio General           For body and organs
PHYbio ParaSym         Balance for the Autonomic Nervous System


Yellow compositions: Cell Balance & Intercell Communication

New adaptation of the proven Geno62 composition using the
PHYbio curve form including the original composition Geno62.
Lossless WAV version

Focus: Cell Balance & Intercell Communication

Target bearing:

  • Well-being & Well-being
  • Communication between cells
  • cell detoxification
  • Activation of cell metabolism
  • Support of mitochondria (cell power plants)


PHYgen        New Adaption Geno62 with the PHYbio waveform
v1                  Constant amplitude
v2                  Variable amplitude
Geno62         Well-known Geno62 frequency composition


Green Composition: Emotional System & Psychic Stability

Special compilation of selected compositions to maintain and strengthen the psycho-emotional balance.

Pure relaxation!
Lossless WAV version

Focus: Emotional System & Psychic Stability

Target bearing:

  • Psycho-emotional balance & stability
  • easing
  • Inner peace
  • stress reduction

Meaning: PHYbio-PEB              Relaxation and psycho-emotional balance


max. recommended time for initial playback:

We have given a maximum recommended time to play a single file for the first time. Don’t exaggerate!
Take only one file a day, wait at least one or two days until the next file is played or until another file is played. Listen to your body and feel your way slowly!


01 Gen+ParaSym PHYbio 10 General PHYbio  PHYbio-PEB
20 v1 — PHYgen 30 v2 — PHYgen 62 GenoLight-Geno62

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